Ateliers d intégration
and Transfer of Knowledge
The project was implemented in France, Germany, and Russia.

The project created the conditions for the exchange of experiences about the integration of refugees and immigrants between employees of regional- and city-administration, museums, libraries, representatives of civil society, architects, and artists from France and Germany with their colleagues in Russia.

Many institutions that are apparent to be very far removed from engaging in finding solutions for the problems immigrants and refugees face (e.g. museums or libraries), turned out to be very effective actors in the process of integration and adaptation. Art initiatives that function on the level of civil society and with the support of the local administration can be just as effective.

This level of work with immigrants focused on the topics of inclusion, integration, and adaptation, allows for a shifting of focus from the political and statistical, to the discussion of the daily life problems that immigrants face.

The participants of the project, which took place in different formats (work meetings/Ateliers and summer schools) met in Paris and Berlin, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don - in big city centers, in which a substantial amount of experiences in the regulation of migration processes were gathered. In general, the project was visited in different formats by around one hundred people, mainly specialists from Russia.

The project ended with a series of public discussions on different current topics. By taking part in this format, well-known specialists had the opportunity of sharing their experiences and knowledge from different studies with the broad public.
Publications about the project
Natalya Kozlovskaya
"Migration and the City" - Observations in France (RU)
The article reports on the educational trip which took place in May 2019 in Paris and Rouen and was organized by a partner of CISR e.V. Berlin, association D'EST. The purpose was to explore the practices of integration of migrants and refugees at the city level by representatives of district administrations, staff of cultural houses and museums, activists and architects from different cities in Russia.
Elena Sleptsova
How to help migrants and refugees to become their own? (RU)
The article reports on the summer school - "Migrants in the big city: in search of effective integration practices", which took place in July 2019 in Rostov-on-Don and Novocherkassk and brought together specialists from Russia, Germany and France. The accumulated experience was shared by activists of public organizations, architects, staff of museums, libraries and administrations and research institutes.
Natalya Kozlovskaya
Think globally, act locally! (RU)
The article tells about an educational trip which took place in Berlin in September 2019. The aim of the "atelier" was to study the practices of integration of migrants and refugees in Germany by representatives of district administrations, employees of cultural houses and museums, activists and architects from different cities of Russia.
Tsypylma Darieva
Life between two worlds: Migrant workers in Russia (DE)
Migration movements between Russia and Central Asia are not a new phenomenon, yet new waves of migration from Central Asia have been observed since the collapse of the Soviet Union and as a result of economic upheavals and political instability.
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